Work Packages

WP Number
WP Title, objectives & contact
WP Leader
WP 1

Project Management

  • Efficiently manage and coordinate the whole project, ensuring that all the objectives listed in each WP can be successfully achieved.
  • Communicating with the EC and ensuring that all the Deliverables are completed and submitted as planned.
  • Ensuring respect of ethical issues; oversee ethics approval procedures and safe data management Follow-up on process evaluations to be carried out in WP5.
  • Contact: Carles Llor (IP) –



WP 2

Intervention materials for IPC and AMS

  • To develop a tailored infection prevention and AMS intervention for health professionals: Nursing home staff, IPC experts and hospital-based clinical microbiologists. The interventions shall be carried out in WP4 in the target organizations: Nursing homes the target countries. The purpose is to strengthen infection prevention practices and antibiotic management in the target organizations.
  • Contact: Jette Nygaard Jensen –



WP 3

Providing APO services for nursing homes

  • To prepare APO-layout questionnaire forms for auditing the management of infections with special focus on UTI and for the management of IPC relevant for preventing spread and development of infections.
  • To collect and process the information from the filled in APO forms into a database for WP5 and overall reports of the first- and second registration.
  • Preparing individual feedback reports to the health professionals in the participating nursing homes after first and second registration, which will be part of the intervention.
  • Contact: Jesper Lykkegaard –



WP 4

Audit registrations in the target countries

  • Conducting the audits and the intervention in the 8 target countries, being closely linked to WP2 and WP3. Each of the target countries has different characteristics as well as a different language.
  • National coordinators in each country (TCPs) will be in charge of carrying out the audits and intervention, facilitating their performance and ensuring that the intervention is adapted to the unique reality of each country.
  • WP4 includes the tasks that will be carried out by the national coordinators during the audit registrations.
  • Contact: Ana García Sangenís –



WP 5

Analysis of project results

  • Verify if the IMAGINE project is being implemented as planned and reaches the objectives.
  • Develop, share, and disseminate an evaluation plan based on a set of indicators.
  • Quantification of the direct output with the professionals involved in the audit.
  • Design and implement a model to estimate a scaling-up scenario for Europe, if the actions were implemented in all the countries including clinical and economic evaluation.
  • Contact: Beatriz González López-Valcárcel –



WP 6

Communication and dissemination

  • Aid the achievement of the project’s objectives through a strategic and ambitious approach to the communication and dissemination of the project’s activities and outcomes.
  • Ensure that each of the project’s stakeholder groups is engaged with relevant, accessible, and scientifically based materials.
  • Promote awareness of concrete steps which can be taken at the level of individual professionals and patients to improve the IPC measures and reduce the impact of AMR.
  • Maximize synergies with other IPC and AMR communications being implemented by national and EU-level programmes.
  • Contact: Laura Álvarez –