What we do

We train health care professionals to tackle antimicrobial resistance in nursing homes


  • WHO has declared that AMR is one of the top 10 global public health threats facing humanity, labeled as a “silent pandemic”.
  • AMR is a multi-faceted cross-border threat to health that does not stop at borders. Therefore, it cannot be tackled by individual countries alone.
  • Excessive and inappropriate use of antibiotics is the main driver of antimicrobial resistance.
  • An intense use of antibiotics is reported in nursing homes in Europe for treating suspected acute infections.


  • By implementing a multifaceted intervention targeting health care professionals in nursing homes.
  • 8 European countries will take part: Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Denmark.
  • At least 4 professionals per nursing home will take part in the project, and will act as ambassadors for the rest of nursing homes professionals.
  • We will apply the Audit Project Odense method of audit and feedback, before and after this intervention.
  • We will audit the Infection and Prevention Control measures and the diagnostic and management of infections in nursing homes.
  • The multifaceted intervention will be tailored to the needs of the project, the countries and the nursing homes, with the use of participatory action research.